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Informações sobre a indústria

Open a supermarket, starting with the use of steel-wood combined shelves


The most impressive thing about foreign supermarkets is the plump goods and exquisite display. The facilities and equipment of the whole store are just right for the goods, creating a comfortable and clean shopping environment, which makes people feel that shopping is a very enjoyable thing. In contrast, most supermarkets are still in the "pragmatic" stage in the design of stores and the reference of facilities and equipment. Roughly comparable store environment, the same category setting, the same product stack, no creative display, "Thousands of stores" is gradually let consumers lose interest in shopping, but also the practitioners need to urgently solve the transformation process The problem.
        At present, supermarkets have no essential difference in commodities. The difference in construction is more in the way of display and environment, and ultimately depends on adjusting the environment and improving facilities. Each product has its own way of display, setting off the environment around the specific attributes of the product, inspiring the customer's desire to purchase, the supermarket operator should learn from the ideas of the big brand, to achieve "one area, one scene", change the past whether it is washing Chemical, grain and oil, or fresh food are all the same display layout.
        The biggest feeling of foreign supermarkets is the overall coherence. However, due to the inconsistency of facilities and equipment in domestic supermarkets, there are often two supermarkets in different areas. The combination of the steel and wood shelves hopes to make the store a whole. Let the steel add some wood elements, reminiscent of the original flavor, the wood embellishment can highlight the grade, highlighting the overall atmosphere of the store.
       Dak can make corresponding plans according to different types, positioning, and different levels of stores, serving the whole country. At present, the company manufactures on the basis of traditional steel-wood shelves, which reduces the cost and installation difficulty, and can provide customers with professional store layout design and product design.

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