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Informações sobre a indústria

Handmade marble empty magnetic eye shadow


       Eyeshadow is a type of make-up that is applied to the face (ie, the eyelids) and the corners of the eyes, creating a contrast of shadows and tones. The eyeshadow is in the form of a powder, a stick, a paste, an emulsion, a pencil, and a sequin. The colors are very diverse, including blue, green, green, brown, tea, brown, and purple, and others are available in black, white, red, and yellow.
        Eye shadow is a cosmetic that enhances the three-dimensional effect of the eye and modifies the eye shape to set off the eye. It is rich in color and diverse in variety. Asians have yellowish skin and are more difficult to match with eye shadows. Therefore, we should follow the principle of balance and balance the relationship between the color of the facial skin, the color of the hair and the color of the eyes, so that we look radiant.
        Eyeshadows contain moisturizing ingredients so they don't dry out, and they go through a series of safety tests that generally don't cause damage to the eyes. If you use some kind of eye shadow to make the eye skin itchy and red, it may be sensitive to the pigment particles of the color. Generally, the darker eye shadow is more likely to occur.
        Before applying eye shadow, you need to make a base on the eyelids, choose a color that is lighter in the eye shadow tray and close to your skin color, and apply it on your entire eye socket. Use a makeup brush or apply it directly with your fingers. But for most people, use a makeup brush whenever possible, which will make the eye shadow distribution more even. Color stacking after the base: first choose two or three colors you like, apply a lighter color to your eye socket, apply a darker color to the triangle in the end of the eye, and choose a deeper one. The color is applied to the lower part of the eyelid and the end of the eye. Eye shadow is more focused on the color of the end of the eye.

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